Welcome to Solid Wheels Industries.
We manufacture Wheels, Rollers & Casters for wide range of Industrial Applications in various Types of Industries.
We are today the world’s largest manufacturer of premium quality UHMW-PE molded wheels, rollers, pulleys, sheets, rods & other wide range of state-of-the-art quality UHMW-PE Products.

Company Profile!

World Class Quality Products

Manufacturers & Stockists

  • UHMW-PE Trolley Wheels in different series, shapes & colors for material handling equipment.
  • UHMW-PE Rollers for Pallet Trucks, Stackers etc.
  • UHMW-PE Rods.
  • UHMW-PE Pulleys having V groove, square groove and Pulley groove.
  • UHMW-PE Sheets, Engineering Parts & Textile Parts.
  • Nylon / Cast Nylon Trolley Wheels and Rollers for Pallet Trucks.
  • Poly Propylene Co-Polymer (CP) Wheels.
  • Polyurethane wheels i.e. Injection Moulded PU Wheels on PPCP/Nylon Center and Cast PU wheels & Rollers etc. on Allu/C.I./M.S. Center.
  • Casters: Such as Pressed Steel Casters, Forged Steel Casters, Fabricated, Stainless Steel, Medium Duty & Heavy Duty Casters.
  • Hydraulic Pallet Trucks.

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