Symbols and Code Words Guide

Please refer our Symbols and Code Words Guide. This will help you in easily identifying Product Information in a more elaborate fashion. It will also help you in understanding our products coding system and can assist you while placing Product Order or Product Inquiry.

Symbols Reference


Guide To CodeWords

CodeWords and tables for identifying our various range of Products.


Ultra High Molecular Weight UHM
Poly Propylene PP
Poly Propylene Co-Polymer CP
Fiber FR
Cast Iron CI
Poly Urethane PU
Cast Poly Urethane CPU
Nylon NY
Cast Nylon CNY
Solid Rubber Tyre SRT
Bonded Rubber Tyre BRT
Poly Urethane On PPCP PUCP
Cast PU On Alluminium CPUAL
Cast PU On Cast Iron CPUCI
Poly Urethane On Nylon PUNY
Inserted with PI Hub during
Moulding HG
Dust Guard DG

Casters (Brackets)

Mild Steel MS
Stainless Steel SS
Stainless Steel 304 Q SS4
Stainless Steel 316 Q SS6
Light Duty LD
Medium Duty MD
Heavy Duty HD
Extra Heavy Duty EHD
Twin Wheels TW
Pressed Steel PS
Pressed Stainless Steel PSS
Forged Steel FS
Plate Type PT
Pin Type PI
Stud Type ST
Swivel S
Fixed F
Brake BK

We manufacture wheels from different materials in different Series & Shapes. In the selection of wheel material and shape, there are 3 digits in the Series, out of which 1st & 2nd digits indicates material of construction and 3rd digit indicates the shape of the wheel as below:

1=Cast Iron (C.I.)
2=M.S / Steel Casted (M.S.)
3=Cast Nylon (CNY)
4=Nylon (NY)
6= Cast Poly Urethane (CPU)
7=Thermo Plastic Urethane (PU)
8=Poly Proptlene Co-Polymer (CP)
0=Material as per digit No. 1
1=Cast Iron(M.S.)
2=M.S. Steel Casted
8=Poly Proptlene Co-Polymer
9= UHMW-PE as per series 903, but heavy wall thickness
2=‘S’ Shape
3=I‘ Shape
5=Round Edge
7=‘e’ Shape
8=Imperial Type

Few Examples of Wheel Series

103=Cast Iron wheel ‘I Shape
304=Cast Nylon Roller
653=Cast PU on Allu. Center, I Shape
788=PU on PPCP wheel, Imperial Shape
993=UHMW-PE wheel as per 903 but heavy wall thickness
104=Cast Iron Roller
403=Nylon Wheel, I Shape
654=Cast PU on Allu. Center (Roller)
801=PPCP wheel, Flat Shape
901=UHMW-PE wheel. Flat Shape
301=Cast Nylon Wheel, Flat Shape
404=Nylon Roller
783=PU on PPCP Center, I Shape (Roller)
808=PPCP Wheel, Imperial Shape
904=UHMW-PE Roller

Selection Criteria for Trolley Wheels

Wheel Load Bearing Capacity Shock Absorption Capacity Resistance To Wear Resistance To Chemicals Noise Level Road Grip Safe Working Temp.
Poly Propylene (PP) Fair Fair Fair Better Medium Fair 70°C
Poly Urethane (PU) Better Better Fair Fair Low Excellent 70°C
UHMW-PE (UHM) Better Better Better Excellent Medium Fair 100°C
Fibre (FR) Good Fair Good Better Medium Fair 200°C
Nylon (NY) Better Fair Fair Better Medium Fair 80°C
Solid Rubber Tyre (SRT) Fair Good Fair Poor Low Good 50°C
Bonded Rubber Tyre (BRT) Good Excellent Good Poor Low Excellent 50°C
Cast Iron (CI) Excellent Nil Excellent Poor High Fair 250°C