Extra Heavy Duty Forged Steel Casters having
Thrust & Taper Roller Bearing (TTR Series)

Swivel head Forged Steel Caster designed for heavy andimpact loads. Fork clamp made from 8 mm and top plate from 10 mm M.S. plate having strong king pin welded. Smooth movement of swivel caster achieved by providing Thrust bearing and Taper Roller bearing in swivel head. Dust proof nylon washer for swivel head. The wheels are fitted with double ball bearings which helps the caster to roll smoothly.

These casters are cost beneficial in the long run by replacing torn out bearings. The life of the caster can be extended considerably.
Recommended for heavy and frequent usage.

Available Sizes

Wheel Dia Wheel Width Total Height Load Carrying Capacity
100 50 155 300
150 50 205 550
200 50 255 800
250 50 305 950
200 75 255 1050
250 75 305 1300

Code Reading / Ordering Example:
Extra Heavy Duty, Forged Steel, Plate Type, TTR Series, UHM 200 x 50 Wheel, Swivel with Brake.